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A Walk in the Woods

I am gearing up for a Grand Canyon hike from the South Rim down the Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River and then hiking back up the Bright Angel in 1 day. My oldest daughter is planning on making the 1 day hike with me as well. We are both doing separate workouts in preparation for our hike in December. When a old friend asked about getting together and doing some hiking, I thought this might be a good opportunity to use some of my hydration gear and other equipment for a very flat local hike. We decided we would walk the Scout Trail at Oak Openings Metropark outside Toledo. We knew it would be roughly 15 miles and would take quite a few hours, but the views would be wonderful.

There are several wooden walkways in the low lying areas of the trail. Northwest Ohio was once part of the Black Swamp
Frozen pond on our chilly start to the hike
The trail was well marked with guideposts and yellow dots on the trees

We started and ended our hike at Evergreen Lake and hiked in a counterclockwise direction. I would suggest this route, because the highlight of the trail was the last 2 miles near Evergreen Lake and the pine forests. I had download the waypoints from AllTrails the night before, so my new Garmin Instinct Solar did an excellent job of keeping us on the trail. The trail was well marked, if we didn’t have our own navigation devices.

Nice views from the trail
Walking stick optional
Lots of downed trees turning back into soil
There are several wooden walkways & stairs in the swampy areas of the trail
Nice trail near Evergreen Lake
Pine forest was the highlight for me.
The pine forest near Evergreen Lake was awesome
Enjoying our time in the woods
Strava data

Takeaways from today’s hike. I only drank 1 liter of my 2 liter hydration pack, but still had to go to the bathroom 3 times during the hike, so I think my hydration should be fine for our Grand Canyon hike in December. The flat hike did nothing to prepare me for the changes in elevation we will encounter at the Grand Canyon, so I will be climbing lots of stairs the next few weeks. Layers will be essential on the hike in December due to the exertion level of the hiking and variance in temperatures due to the elevation. Overall, the day went by very quickly due to the companionship on the trail and catching up with an old friend.


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19 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. Your Grand Canyon hikes sounds like quite the adventure. My wife and I hiked down Bright Angel to Plateau Point and back in one day in January 2018. It was a great day, but we were sure happy to reach the rim again at the end pf the hike. Stay well.

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  2. I’m very fortunate to be able to spend half the year in Arizona and the other half in northern Wisconsin. I love the diversity and there’s nothing like a beautiful Midwestern Forest as your photos indicate. When I’m hiking in the Midwest, I find I don’t need to drink as much water and need to find a bush 🤭 more frequently. Hiking in arid Arizona, I drink twice as much water and rarely need to find a bush which is a good thing because there aren’t any bushes to hide behind 🤣 The extreme low humid sucks the moisture out of our pores requiring us to drink lots and lots … so very important.

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