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Baby Bell Hike in Sedona

We read that one of the easiest and prettiest hikes in Sedona was climbing atop Baby Bell, the smaller rock formation next to the more famous Bell Rock for sunset. Once atop Baby Bell Rock you get a beautiful view of the sunset over both Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. We thought since my mom and the kids hadn’t done a lot of hiking or even rock scrambles, this might be a good easy hike.

Courthouse Rock in center, while Bell Rock is just to the right of it.
The trail to Bell Rock
Courthouse Rock
Taking it all in
Looking for the vortex atop Baby Bell Rock with Courthouse Rock in the background
Looking East from atop Baby Bell Rock
Courthouse Rock & Bell Rock
Bell Rock
Helping scramble down from the top of Baby Bell Rock

Once the sun had gone down, we started working our way down from the top of the rock; we didn’t want to try and climb down in the dark.

The trail coming down from the top of Baby Bell Rock

This was a very easy climb and well suited for families with kids. There wasn’t much of the climb that seemed too dangerous for kids climbing with their parents.


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