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Trail ride with the boys

So today, the adults took the young teenagers out on the trail with us to see how they would do. We headed out to Oak Openings Metropark in Swanton, just west of Toledo. The metropark & volunteers have been building trails for quite a few years and have built almost 12 miles of trails to this point. They have also added an obstacle park for beginners to practice on too.

The youngsters leading the way
Tearing it up

The boys did well only a few spills, but that might have had something to do with their rides. I am sure their will be upgrades on the list for future rides.

These two are trailing the group
Leaves are falling fast
The fall colors are very pretty in the woods
Trail to Flying Squirrel loop
Showing off on the log bridge
Treehouse village that you can rent.
Almost lost it on the teeter totter
Post ride photo op.

Post ride meal at MailPouch Saloon in Swanton was a quick way to get those lost calories back into our systems.


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