2020 a year to remember

For many Covid and 2020 will forever be intertwined with a negative connotation associated with them. I however will share and remember a different experience from 2020. For me 2020 has been a great opportunity to travel and explore without the crowds and seeing things in a more natural & pristine beauty. Yes there areContinue reading “2020 a year to remember”

Cross Country Skiing in a Winter Wonderland

We have had a long cold streak with temperatures below freezing for the last two weeks here in the Midwest. This doesn’t sound great for most people, unless you enjoy outdoor winter activities such as cross country skiing. We blazed some cross country tracks on the local cross country course and packed it in withContinue reading “Cross Country Skiing in a Winter Wonderland”

My Zwift Experience and the Pandemic

In January of 2020, a couple of my local cycling buddies and a decided we wanted to get into better shape during the winter months here in Ohio. We wanted to explore the virtual world of cycling. We ended up purchasing “Smart Trainers” and monthly Zwift memberships to see if Zwift was as engaging asContinue reading “My Zwift Experience and the Pandemic”

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