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A road trip down Route 66 and back in time

We wanted to visit one of the historic towns on the famous Route 66. While returning from a trip to Sedona, we took a exit off Interstate 40 and stepped back in time. Seligman, AZ is just one of the small towns still preserved in time on Route 66.

The road sign that speaks for a generation
Phillips 66 sign
Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-in

Unfortunately Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-in was closed, but we were still able to see the outdoor garden of relics. I was looking forward to ordering a “cheeseburger with cheese”

Juan’s Garden at the Snow Cap Drive-in
Route 66 Sidewalk
We did get to hang out with this guy
Roadkill Cafe
Roadkill Cafe

We stopped in for cheeseburgers and fries at the Roadkill Cafe and boy did get enjoy that delicious meal. We also had a blast walking around and exploring the old boardwalk and jail from Seligman’s past.

1860 Arizona Territorial Jail
Seligman boardwalk

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