2020 a year to remember

For many Covid and 2020 will forever be intertwined with a negative connotation associated with them. I however will share and remember a different experience from 2020. For me 2020 has been a great opportunity to travel and explore without the crowds and seeing things in a more natural & pristine beauty. Yes there areContinue reading “2020 a year to remember”

World Triathlon Championships Lausanne, Switzerland

I qualified for the World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne Switzerland help on August 31st, 2019 by placing in the top 20 of my age group at Nationals in Cleveland the previous summer. This earned me a spot on Team USA. I have known several local Team USA members who had competed for Team USA inContinue reading “World Triathlon Championships Lausanne, Switzerland”

USA Age Group National Championships

USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships happened to be in Cleveland, OH in August of 2018. Cleveland is about a 3 hour drive from our home in Northwest Ohio. My goal of qualifying for Team USA and representing the United States for the World Championships in Switzerland in the fall of 2019 was my ultimateContinue reading “USA Age Group National Championships”

Gap and C and O Trail Ride

Last fall we started planning a longer tour to do this summer and wanted to bring our own camping equipment to be more self-reliant and without the assistance of stopping at a hotels every night. This next step is a steady progression for an even longer future tour and who knows, maybe a cross-county tourContinue reading “Gap and C and O Trail Ride”

My Zwift Experience and the Pandemic

In January of 2020, a couple of my local cycling buddies and a decided we wanted to get into better shape during the winter months here in Ohio. We wanted to explore the virtual world of cycling. We ended up purchasing “Smart Trainers” and monthly Zwift memberships to see if Zwift was as engaging asContinue reading “My Zwift Experience and the Pandemic”

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