Rome, Italy the Eternal City

Rome, Italy – Day 8: After getting settled into our Air BnB apartment, we headed out to grab a bite to eat and get started exploring the area near the Colosseum. We had scheduled a guided tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum for 4:00 pm. Our apartment was within walking distanceContinue reading “Rome, Italy the Eternal City”

Venice, Italy “City of Canals”

Day 4: Venice: Before we left the train station in Lausanne, we had to indulge ourselves in the delicious sweet pastries at the train station bakery. I had a couple of powdered sugar and jelly filled croissants while also purchasing some sandwiches and a baguette to munch on during the train ride to Venice. FirstContinue reading “Venice, Italy “City of Canals””

Virtual Century Ride vs Actual

I have done several century rides over the years, both solo and in groups, but I have never cared to do a century ride on a smart trainer in my basement. Until today. Well, I didn’t exactly start out this morning with the intent of riding for nearly 5 hours and not moving a singleContinue reading “Virtual Century Ride vs Actual”

A road trip down Route 66 and back in time

We wanted to visit one of the historic towns on the famous Route 66. While returning from a trip to Sedona, we took a exit off Interstate 40 and stepped back in time. Seligman, AZ is just one of the small towns still preserved in time on Route 66. Unfortunately Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-in wasContinue reading “A road trip down Route 66 and back in time”

Cross Country Skiing in a Winter Wonderland

We have had a long cold streak with temperatures below freezing for the last two weeks here in the Midwest. This doesn’t sound great for most people, unless you enjoy outdoor winter activities such as cross country skiing. We blazed some cross country tracks on the local cross country course and packed it in withContinue reading “Cross Country Skiing in a Winter Wonderland”

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