Mountain Bike ride at DTE in Chelsea, MI

For the past few weekends, the adults have been taking the boys to several different mountain bike trails to help them get more comfortable on their bikes and improve their bike handling skills. Today we headed to DTE (Detroit Toledo Edison) trail in Chelsea MI. This was by far the best trail I have ever rode. The trails have a nice flow and are smooth and fast. We will definitely be back.

Getting the lay of the land
The best maintained trails I have ever rode on
My loaner bike today was a nice addition
Group ride with the boys
Post ride lunch at a posh cafe downtown Chelsea

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12 thoughts on “Mountain Bike ride at DTE in Chelsea, MI

  1. Wow, I’m not so sure I will be able to keep up with you lot (even those young boys will wait for me a the finishing line ☺️). But one thing I know for sure … a day out in nature, is pure medicine for a tired and stressed body! Beautiful trail.

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