Sedona Trip

We wanted to take advantage of our trip out west as much as we could, so we took the 3.5 hour drive east from Lake Havasu City to Sedona. As you near Sedona from Flagstaff, you drive scenic State Route 89A into the Sedona area. The views are absolutely stunning and your stomach may feel it too as the road switches back and forth on it’s route into Sedona.

The view from the Airport Mesa Lookout

Our first stop was the Airport Mesa, where we drove up to the top and paid the $3 parking to get some of the best views of the Sedona area. Once we parked the car, we started hiking the Sedona View Trail, but my mom and dad ended up returning to the car due to the large number of boulders and uneven walking surface. They had a wonderful view from the top of the mesa, so they didn’t mind taking in the beautiful view.

Sedona View Trail might have been the roughest trail we hiked while in Sedona
Beautiful views over Sedona on Christmas Day

The trail ran parallel to the Airport Road we took to get to the top of the mesa, but after about a half mile we came to the a pull-off parking spot we passed on the way up to the top. This Airport Mesa viewing area gave some beautiful views over the whole Sedona area.

Airport Mesa Trail heading down to pull off parking

To get tot he top of the Airport Mesa, you had to do a little bit of rock scrambling. They had guide wires to assist with the climb, but it was fairly easy.

View from the top of the Airport Mesa

Once on top, there were quite a few people practicing yoga and taking in the views. Apparently this area is one of the many parts of Sedona known for it vortex. You may be asking what is the deal with the vortexes in Sedona. Actually Sedona is quite popular for it’s vortexes. What is the definition of Vortex: A Vortex is a place in nature where the earth is exceptionally alive with energy.  The term Vortex in Sedona refers to a place where the earth energy swirls and draws to it’s center everything that surrounds it like a tornado. At these magical sites, trees often exhibit this swirling or twisting of their trunks due the powerful vortex energy at the core of a Sedona Vortex. So we actually visited 2 of the 4 main vortexes in the Sedona area. Not too bad for not know anything about vortexes prior to this trip.

Atop the Airport Mesa
Beautiful views over the whole valley
Trail heading back to get the car and my parents
Chapel of the Holy Cross

Our next stop was the Chapel of the Holy Cross. After navigating a very busy neighborhood, we were able to find a parking spot only to find out the church was closed. We walked a little way up the road to get some of these pictures, but quickly returned to our car. Hopefully the next time we visit Sedona will will be able to walk up the grounds and see the inside of the church.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Our next two events while in Sedona were a climb up Baby Bell Rock to watch the sun set over Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. Then early the next morning we went on a hike to Devil’s Bridge. You can read about either one of these hikes by clicking on the links below.

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